Brazen Bravery

Recovering Joy When Hope Collides with Loss

Written by Charlene Adams

Brazen Bravery book, written by Charlene Adams

At the age of twenty-one, Charlene’s sister, Andrea, along with two other college students were tragically killed in a terrible highway accident that made national news. Working through her grief beside her bereaved parents, tragedy struck again when her mother received a devastating cancer diagnosis. In Brazen Bravery, Charlene tells the story of how she discovered the strength of her family’s rich heritage and deeply rooted Christian faith as she braved the waters of grief.

Charlene, a natural and captivating storyteller, invites us into her journey, “telling it like it is” with humor, compassion, and an unflappable and inspiring faith. Through journal pages from her sister, along with song lyrics, Bible verses and poignant quotes, her words will remind you that there is always a way through. The truths she holds onto fiercely helped her navigate the pain and made it possible to “believe that life was not just worth living, but worth living well.”

Brazen Bravery will not only beckon you to embrace the lessons of loss and ignite your overcomer spirit, but it unwraps biblical truth showing us that the sovereignty of God transcends all brokenness and doubt. Reminding us, once again, that love always wins and life never ends.

“I have discovered that as the embers of disappointment, pain, and suffocating grief simmer, beauty is revealed just underneath. When the flames subside and the soot settles, we sweep up the mess and somehow begin recognizing the beauty of the wood, the intricate design of the grain, and the timeless etching of the stress marks. Many people justify spending more money on finely distressed furniture because they see the beauty in its story. And we, who are created through the Master Artist’s hands also show the depths of scarring. Beautiful flaws. Grief engravings that make us unique and priceless.

As hard as it is to adjust and spin the perspective dial, there is purpose beyond the pain. God’s eyes are focused directly on each of us, and His grip is locked. His promise?

‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’ (Hebrews 13:5, NIV)

We are overcomers when our response glows with hope.

A lowlight of peace that sneaks in just under the door.

It washes over the sometimes-sad space, softens the scars,

and creates something beautiful. A masterpiece!”

Charlene Adams


Brazen Beauty feels as though it was written just for those of us who sit together on the mourning bench. It’s that personal. But it is more!   It’s a poignant—sometimes hilarious— and fascinating story of family love and togetherness … and, importantly, it’s a blueprint for building life in a Faith community. 

Charlene is a wordsmith to be treasured! Hang on, there WILL be more from this author in the days to come.

Sue Buchanan

Author, Speaker

In Brazen Bravery, Charlene shares her most intimate feelings of grief, anger, and love in a way that you can’t help but feel the touch of Christ. She reminds us there is never hopelessness in Christ and that our faith isn’t just for crises, but a daily, living process that keeps us safe within His strength, comfort, and peace.
Michael Harris

Master Designer

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