Ministering now as a team since 1997, Adams Voice knows that leading people to a personal encounter with a loving Savior is the soul purpose of their call.

Whether Adams Voice is singing the National Anthem at a stadium or singing hymns and original music at a church, national conference, on radio or television, or a Gaither Homecoming, bringing glory to God is the focus.

David Adams photo

David Adams

Strengthened with a family legacy of music, David desires to serve the Lord through song became apparent at the early age of 19. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is evident as he draws audiences into an authentic worship experience. David has held positions of Youth Pastor and business owner. Scheduling, public relations, producing and being lead representative for the group are a few of his duties. David sings lead and tenor, directs worship, and drives the group from state to state. He is husband to Charlene and daddy to Emma, Johnny, Anna Mae and Luke.
Charlene Adams photo

Charlene Adams

She is known for her prolific songwriting and ability to connect with the audience through her genuine stage presence. While her background in music training is strong, Charlene never realized its impact, nor her calling, until her sister, Andrea, died as a result of the Olivet Nazarene University Orpheus Choir van accident. Her 19 year old heart became adapted to resonating with and infusing hope to bruised hearts. The Lord has gifted her with anointed lyrics and a passion to minister. Charlene has a Bachelor’s in Education (which she now uses to home school her children), runs Journey of Faith Music Publishing and sings lead, alto or second soprano. Charlene is wife to David and mommy to Emma Beth, Johnny, Anna Mae and Luke Spencer.
Johnny Adams photo

Johnny Adams

Kind and sincere.

Johnny has a heart for people and everywhere we go he collects friends.  Johnny is innovative and a “fixer” and loves technology, as well as sports.  He is an avid golfer, no matter the weather, and is a member of the Indiana Golf Association (Jr.). Johnny enjoys playing basketball at the YMCA and is brave enough to go up against anyone who shows up.  He also plays the piano. Johnny likes the bible story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den.  Johnny says, “I love how God protects Daniel from the lions by sending an angel to close the lions’ mouths.  It shows how God will be our protector in any situation.”

Emma Adams photo

Emma Adams

Artistic and creative.

Emma expresses herself through music, drawing, and painting. She plays the piano and violin and loves to compose original music. When asked what bible story means a lot to her, she references the passage found in John 8:1-20. Emma states, “I think about the story where the women is about to be stoned. They had brought her to Jesus because of her sin and everyone was holding stones. It shows and proves to everyone that there’s nobody in the world that has not sinned, and we can each be forgiven no matter what the sin may be. We just need to accept the forgiveness of Jesus.”

Anna Adams photo

Anna Adams

Nurturing and caring.

If Anna sees an area needing fixed, (i.e., organized, cleaned) she jumps at the challenge and does it with joy and a smile on her face. Anna keeps our whole family in line and is our fashion expert. She also plays the violin and piano. She loves the story of Creation in the book of Genesis. She says, “I love how God made our world in only six days. It’s such an unbelievable story that’s all so true and that He did it so quickly and so perfectly.”

Luke Adams photo

Luke Adams

Pleasing and playful.

Luke likes to do his job well; Schoolwork, craft projects, listening, he is careful to do it to the best of his abilities. Luke is funny and quick to make others laugh and smile. He is an avid movie maker and producer of “Luke Awesome Films Company.” He plays piano and drums and is a Superhero expert. Luke likes the story of Samson in the Bible. He says, “I think it’s cool how Samson breaks the temple pillars apart. He was so strong, and I know there would be no other way to do that but God!” (Did we mention he likes Superheroes?)

Don’t miss the opportunity to let this uniquely gifted group cross the path of your life’s journey. Their music will challenge, uplift and echo in your heart.